MIRARCO Overview

Established in 1998, MIRARCO (Mining Innovation Rehabilitation and Applied Research Corporation) has been developing innovative solutions for the mining industry and its challenges. We are a not-for-profit corporation that operates with support from the private and public sectors. The driving force behind MIRARCO is a dedicated workforce made up of experienced professionals and students at all levels of post-secondary education. Through our unique position as a hybrid organization, combining academic and professional dynamics, we help advance innovative and applied research.

MIRARCO is engaged in five core research domains:

Our Vision

To develop and deliver quality applied research to manage risks in the mining sector and beyond.

Our Values

Trust, Collaboration, Quality, Innovation, New Knowledge, Responsiveness, Integrity, Efficiency, Economic Sustainability.


Board of Directors

  • Andre Lauzon*
    Vice President
    Manitoba Business Unit, Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting Co. Ltd. Manitoba Business Unit
  • Carol McAulay**
    Vice President Administration
    Laurentian University
  • Osman Abou-Rabia
    Dean Faculty of Science and Engineering
    Laurentian University
  • Marc Boudreau***
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Elizabeth Gardiner
    NOAMI Project and Communications Advisor
    National Orphaned/Abandoned Mines Initiative (NOAMI)
  • Leo Gerard
    International President
    United Steelworkers (USW)
  • Glenn Nolan
    Vice President Aboriginal Affairs
    Noront Resources Ltd.
  • James Simmons
    Weaver Simmons LLP
  • Marcia Smith
    Senior Vice President Sustainability and External Affairs
  • Janice Zinck
    Green Mining Innovation – Processing
    CanmetMINING – Natural Resources Canada
  • Victor Pakalnis

* Chair of the MIRARCO Board of Directors.
** Secretary, Treasurer.
*** Past Chair of the MIRARCO Board of Directors.