China delegation visited Sudbury

Dr Ming Cai, Geomechanics Center Director with NEU professors and students

A delegation from Northeastern University (NEU), China, composed of undergraduate students and professors, visited Sudbury from Dec. 16 to Dec. 22, 2018. This is part of the activities for the China-Canada Centre of Deep Mining Innovation (CCCDMI), established in December 2017 between Northeastern University and Laurentian University. During their visit, they visited SNOLAB, Creighton Mine, NORCAT Underground Training Centre, Mansour Mining Technologies, MIRARCO, and Laurentian University. Laurentian University interim president (Dr. Pierre Zundel) and vice-president (Rizwan Haq) met the delegation. The delegation also attended lectures on Risk Management, Mine Geology, Occupational Safety and Health, Mine Research & Innovation in Canada, Strategies for Mine Ventilation, Deep Mining Rock Mechanics, offered by professors and researchers from Laurentian University and MIRARCO. This is the first time NEU sent undergraduate students aboard to conduct field tours, an experiment aimed at broadening their knowledge and vision of mining at the international scale.