Sustainable Energy Solutions


Francois Caron
Director, Energy Centre
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  • The Sustainable Energy Solutions centre comprises a team of researchers dedicated to excellence in energy research. We focus on industry, public sector, and community/municipality interests, with primary emphasis on energy challenges in the Mining Industry across the globe.

    Our innovations in energy management, energy conservation and energy technology aim to lower the cost of energy and add value in sustainability metrics for all stakeholders.

    Mining has become more technology-intensive, and continues to be innovative in terms of new processes and environmental stewardship. The Industry also looks for new sustainable sources of energy, especially in remote areas. SMRs have several advantages, such as zero emissions, a long life cycle and a high electricity production rate for a small footprint. In addition, substantial economies (dollars and Carbon emissions) can be gained by replacing diesel generators with SMRs.


    • Commercial reactors of the nuclear era, heavy water nuclear reactors
    • Integrating various aspects of science and other disciplines to place environmental issues
    • Evaluate environmental risk
    • Licensing SMRs


    Tackle the adoption of small modular reactors (SMRs) for electricity generation in remote areas, and evaluate the suitability of SMRs for the mining sector.


    Our projects are only possible thanks to generous support from our sponsors. We would like to acknowledge the following organizations:

    • Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) in Mines

      MIRARCO is conducting research to determine the potential applications and economic feasibility of SMRs in the mining sector. SMRs can provide a competitive reliable baseload power with a low carbon footprint. MIRARCO is also developing methods for trace radiochemical analysis which is required for environmental assessments, licensing, and after reactor removal.

  • Staff:

    • Francois Caron, PhD, Bruce Power Chair in Sustainable Energy System.
      Dr. Caron is consolidating bis background as

      1. environmental geochemist,
      2. research scientist in radiochemistry, and
      3. program coordinator (Environmental Science, Interdisciplinary Science) at Laurentian University to achieve these goals.
    • Julia Anderson, PhD – Post-Doctoral Fellow.