SOT+ Project Consortium

MIRARCO and the sponsors of the SOT+ project invite additional mining companies to join the next phase of the consortium project. Please contact us to discuss the opportunity for a case study delivering value to your underground mining operation, using one or more of the software products: GeoSequencing, VCM, and AVM, as briefly described below.

Schedule Optimization Tool


Millions of dollars can be added to the value of an underground mining operation through the use of SOT, the Schedule Optimization Tool. SOT adds value to an underground mining operation in several ways:

  • Generates life-of-mine schedules that adhere to all specified precedence and operational constraints.
  • Optimizes net present value (NPV) based on your financial model.
  • Creates alternative high-NPV schedules in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods.
  • Facilitates an informed selection among competing planning scenarios by quickly generating optimized schedules for each alternative.

SOT was originally developed by MIRARCO and is now commercialized through Revolution Mining Software.

SOT+ Extending the Application of the Schedule Optimization Tool

MIRARCO has developed three new software modules to extend the capabilities of SOT. When coupled with SOT, the new modules facilitate the generation of optimized extraction schedules while adhering to a broad range of mine planning constraints.

The GeoSequencing Module facilitates the generation of optimized schedules adhering to stope sequencing constraints that are motivated by geotechnical considerations. Using the module, the mine planner selects the rules for stope sequencing as decided by the geotechnical engineers. The GeoSequencing Module will then automatically generate alternative sets of stope-to-stope dependencies, or geosequencing scenarios, that enforce the selected rules. Adhering to these constraints, SOT generates life-of-mine schedules with maximized net present value that are geotechnically feasible. Read more about the GeoSequencing Module here.
The Ventilation Constraint Module (VCM) facilitates the generation of optimized schedules adhering to ventilation-based constraints. By interacting with a ventilation solver, Ventsim, the VCM identifies ventilation districts, which are zones in the mine having the same ventilation air. The VCM automatically generates airflow-based constraints on the equipment for each ventilation district, over the course of the mine life. Using these constraints, SOT generates life-of-mine schedules with maximized net present value that are feasible from a ventilation perspective. Read more about the Ventilation Constraint Module here.
The Advanced Valuation Module (AVM) facilitates the generation of optimized schedules that are robust to uncertain product prices and product grades. Using AVM, the mine planner specifies distributions for product prices over the mine life. The software then optimizes the life-of-mine schedule, maximizing the net present value in view of a broad range of possible realizations of prices for each product. The resulting schedules have high NPV, and are also robust over a range of financial scenarios specified by the given price (or grade) distributions. Read more about the Advanced Valuation Module here.

SOT Overview

Project Sponsors:

Agnico Eagle
CAE Inc.
Chasm Consulting Vertsim


Dr. Lorrie Fava
Director, Decision Support Software
Tel: (705) 675-1151 Ext. 5113